Testimonial Tom Hickey and Emer O'Keeffe
Parents of Sadhbh (6 - a Poppets alumna) and Noah (4, yet to graduate)

There is such a gentle, happy atmosphere in Poppets. We feel our two kids' experiences there have really helped develop their social and communication skills in particular - as well as their creativity; their sense of fun, and their self-confidence. We often find them relaying ideas they picked up from Eileen or Avril - around things like sharing or seeking to understand others or safety or good hygiene! Our two have different personalities too - yet each flourished in Poppets. We have always found Poppets very professional too. There's great communication with parents. And it is nice to know that the approach taken is informed by good pedagogical thinking in respect of pre-school kids. Poppets has been a fabulous part of our kids' lives and we absolutely recommend it.
Testimonial Helen Murphy

I can’t put into words how great Poppets is, the play equipment, toys, experiments, talks, walk to name a few-but what really makes it is Eileen and the girls. My son loved it so much I didn’t take his primary pre-school place and did a second year with Eileen. If you want your child to be loved and happy I’d highly recommend!! My only regret is that I didn’t know about Poppets with my older children!!

Helen Murphy/Dunlaoghaire
Testimonial Áine O’Sullivan

I can't recommend Poppets highly enough. Aisling and Oisín run in the door every morning all excited about their day ahead. Eileen and all the staff are so warm and welcoming and know each child so well. There is such a friendly, fun and happy atmosphere in Poppets. The outdoor space is wonderful and full of fun activities. I love that the children get to play outside everyday. No two days are the same in Poppets as the variety of toys, activities, visitors and games is so varied. The children are cared for and nurtured from the moment they step through the door and the smiles on their faces at home time and the chat about their day says it all. Our children are so lucky to go to Poppets as it really is a fabulous preschool.
Aisling Mc Grane Testimonial

Myself and my husband were very apprehensive about putting our little girl in Play school as she is of a sensitive nature. Poppets was recommended to me by a friend so I thought I would try it out. From day one Eileen and her team alleviated any fears I had as their confidence and caring expertise took charge. Myself and my husband watched our little girl flourish over the course of the next year. Her confidence soared around other children and she became a lot happier in social situations. Year two, she made great friends in Poppets and had many play dates. Now she is going into Primary and I feel that she is completely ready to take that step emotionally and mentally thanks to the environment that Eileen provided over the last two years. Thanks again to all at Poppets.
Jude Testimonial

Poppets is a wonderful place, my son Tom (2) loves it and marches so proudly in the door every morning with a smile on his face. Eileen is such a fantastic, experienced lady, who has shown such care for Tom, noticing when he is not quite himself and making it better with stickers; just for him! The staff make you feel so reassured that it's a fun place to be, with learning happening as part of their day. Tom has been there for over a year and I can honestly say, I have never had a problem or even a slight concern. Tom sings "Poppets.. yeaaa" as we turn into the entrance and that's just what a working Mum wants to hear!

Thanks for your continued love and attention to Tom; we appreciate it every day.


The Burton Family

Poppets Childcare has not only changed our lives, it has improved it, dramatically!. Any parent can empathise that when your child is unhappy, everyone is unhappy. This was the case for us until we sent Danny to Poppets. He had been miserable in his previous, much bigger creche and constantly sick. Eileen and her fantastic staff welcomed him warmly into Poppets every day, understanding his reluctance and turning it around into eagerness. He absolutely loves going in every day which is such a contrast to how he was in previous facilities. He is rarely sick (touch wood) and is so happy, which means everyone's happy! I remember he had a week where he decided he did not want to go in (it was after holidays with us). Eileen kept a look out for him each morning, with his favourite motorbike toy in hand, ready to ease Danny in the door and keep the smile on his face It worked a treat! I have such praise for all the staff at Poppets, they really care about the children and more than that - they understand them in every way. Picking up a happy, well fed, enthusiastic child at 2pm every day is a lovely experience.

Thank you Poppets!

The Raffertys.